Dutch Chef is a company in the potato branch. High quality potatoes are used to make the best fresh frozen potato products! Our goal is to supply the best products to our customers worldwide. We have more than 45 years of combined experience in import, export and distribution.

  • Dutch Chef is a company based in the Netherlands with its focus on the international food market. The company is specialized in exporting fresh frozen potato products and vegetables, with French fries as the main product. Worldwide Dutch Chef provides the foodservice, retail and wholesale with a wide range of fresh frozen food products. Quality, health and taste are key elements for all our products. Because of its extensive know-how and long experience in the export business you can be assured that Dutch Chef is YOUR partner for very high quality fresh frozen food products!

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The best quality potatoes and vegetables are from Dutch origin.


  • Quality is the number one priority at Dutch Chef. That is why Dutch Chef only offers products of the highest quality. Holland is known for its rich farm grounds and the good quality of the products grown on these soils. Not only does Dutch Chef offers the finest potato products, we also have fine freshly frozen vegatables!
    Most of the products are grown in Holland, some may come from Belgium or Germany, with the same high quality. All potatoes and vegetables are checked on the important parameters before processing. Potatoes are checked by trained staff on appearance and taste. Only the potatoes that meet our high standards are processed. Vegetables are checked, processed and frozen as soon as possible after harvesting. All the products are fresh frozen and shipped to customers all over the world. All according to the latest HACCP guidelines.



    We make sure you get the best quality potato products




Our finest range of potato products.


  • Potato consumption is growing worldwide. The potato is one of the most important food groups in European meals. In other countries the popularity of the potato is rapidly growing! In Asia, Africa and the Middle East the demand for potato products is rising fast. That is where Dutch Chef comes in. We supply this demand with our wide assortment of potato products! We supply the foodservice, as well as the retail. So everyone in the world can enjoy Holland’s best potato products!

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  • French Fries - Straight cut

  • French Fries - Shoestring cut

  • Crinkle Cut Fries

  • Steak Fries

  • Potato Wedges

  • Jacket Potato Wedges

  • Pommes Duchesses

  • Pommes Noisettes

  • Potato Cubes

  • Potato Slices

  • Rösti

  • Spicy Wedges

  • Triangular Hash Browns



Dutch Chef packaging is available in 1 and 2 kg bags. However Dutch Chef offers the possibility to have your products packed in your preferred pack size in a private label. For more information please contact your sales agent.

DutchChef-2kg-2478     Private label           DutchCheg-1kg-2473











Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Mr. Rens Hengeveld
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